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Non SW Fiction: It all begins with an assassination

The piece is a good build up, Tys. The descriptions give us two men one respected, the other venal, and with one shot the better man is removed. I wonder where it’s going from here?

Light Side Female Revan

Vacation, my foot!

Post KOTOR: The vacation has to end some time

The piece is funny because of circumstance. Only a few months after KOTOR, and Revan is inundated by paparazzi and still madly in love with Carth. Jolee as a master is not surprising, but considering most of the masters we meet, refreshing.

Pick of the week

Dragon's Wisdom

KOTOR on Tatooine: A different take on the Krayt Dragon scene

An interesting view of the scene, especially with Revan having used the force to move him from his cave rather than having to fight him. The dragon being as intelligent as the mythical version helped. I thoroughly enjoyed this work.

Pick of the Week

Destiny's Pawn: Kashyyyk Chapter 1

KOTOR en route to Kashyyk: The crew has yet to settle into a smooth team

The piece flows well, and we get a good look at all of them. Bastila comes across almost as a clone of Kreia, opinionated and pushy; the idea that Kairi (Revan) has yet to know about Carth’s being widowed and unsure of her own feelings for him when alone. Bastila’s plan is easy to figure out, and just as unsettling to me as it is to Juhani. A good read.

Playing Light on Dark - Chapter 1

KOTOR on Taris: The pair is unlikely, but intriguing…

I have rarely seen such an odd couple. Carth seems a bit out of his depth, and our Revan a smart aleck, but the pace is good, the scenes well wrought.

Summer to Winter

Post KOTOR: What to do, what to do…

It comes across as a rich family taking a not too serious vacation. Going to Tatooine where it begins because it’s there. Telos because Tatooine was boring, and now bound for Hoth. The cursing matches was cute, and I nearly cracked up at Polly.

Light Side Male Revan


Post KOTOR: The masters get blindsided by…a wedding?

This piece was amusing, especially the discussion of whether our heroes should be allowed to marry. There are some of the usual ‘we can’t have attachments’ talk, and I was merely surprised that one master, Vima Sunrider was able to turn all of the arguments on their head with a few pithy remarks.

KOTOR II: Mysteries in the Darkness
Lexington's Hammer

Post TSL: As four of the companions go on to other duties, the Exile and a small team go in search of Revan.

The piece flows well, though the flowery speeches given by some of the characters is out of character for all of them. Jumping to the edge of the Unknown made sense, and the secret Revan had hidden there for a follower to find was reminiscent of a pirate’s treasure map.

Destiny's Knight
Sith Lord Darth Revan

Pre KOTOR: Bastila’s first day at the Jedi Temple

The only disagreement I had with the story was having her go from a child being sent to the Academy to being buried in lessons before a single day had passed. Having her smooth over the feelings of her new friend was well done; as someone once said, if you don’t know it’s impossible, you might try it anyway.

An interesting read, a pity I do not have time to read the entire thing

Langauge of Love
Sera Terranova

One Year Post KOTOR: Say it with flowers, but is that really the custom?

It starts just like any normal pre marital piece might, and the explanation of the language of flowers is very much fun. The ending however is outrageous and even more fun, since I do know the Wookiee prize kill ritual mentioned. The piece is perfect as it sits.

Pick of the Week

Code Name Adania

TSL on Nar Shaddaa: It looks like Atton’s lucky day…

The piece is lightly amusing, and as the author herself said, you can almost feel the fan girl drool. The end is light and amusing.

Chasing Redemption
Prisoner 24601

Originally reviewed 2 Dec 2005 at kotorfanmedia, that review is below

Post KOTOR: Direct sequel to the author’s From the Ashes .

The style is still excellent, and the segue from sad memorial for a fallen enemy to arrest by special operations troops is well done. The readers on Kotorfanmedia gave it ten thumbs up. Add mine to it.
Reprise Pick of the Week

Another View
Trevor X

KOTOR on Taris: The pair of would be rescuers set up to find Bastila in their own ways.

The piece was interesting in the changes made. However in a bar away from the main entertainment areas, and the Lower City would qualify, how hard would it be to find a local? Living in Las Vegas, I know the most foolish question is to ask when off the Strip is ‘so are you from around here?’.

The Author admits it is a bit disjointed, and the additional character makes it intriguing, but at the same time, has added little to the story as yet.

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