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Looking for a beta for my KotOR fan Fic!

Hey all, Those of you who are members of might know me as 'Revan Starwalker' I posted this on their fourms, but after they went down, i decided to look for a beta here.

So, here's a little background for you all.

A story of a mind-wiped Revan (Ranik Starwalker); a Republic Soldier turned Jedi, and his journey across the Galaxy, searching for the Star Forge, and to defeat the Sith. (Slight AU, Action/Adventure, Some Comedy, Male Revan/Bastila)

It's a Multi-chapter Fic, and Part I in a Multi-Volume spanning K1, K2 and an AU K3.

I've tried editing my own work, and while I do change some wording, I don't ever see the grammar mistakes.

Ok, Iím looking for a beta thatís willing to go the long-haul, and can deal with beta-ing a new chapter every few months. Iím looking for help with grammar/spelling and punctuation. (If you look at my first two chapters on the main site, youíll notice the problems Iíve had. Although; those chapters are three years old.) And some plot, characterization and story elements. (Iíve got somethingís planned, story-wise. But like most ideas, then are better in someoneís head, that on paper)

If your intersted, just send me a PM.

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