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Updated my journal...

Originally Posted by redrob41 View Post
Perhaps if the jewels weren't circular? Four point diamond/star shape might work better as jewels. I don't know how large or detailed your texture is, but if the jewels were faceted, and didn't have the white shine right in the middle, it could look less like spots. Are the jewels modelled, or just on the texture? In photoshop, I like to use the pillow emboss, since a little shadow in the right places would make the jewel look set into the gold, rather than glued to the surface.
Thanks for the tips! The jewel is just skinned on, which doesn't help it look less stuck on, of course. I've tried the model with a faceted jewel, but I'm not sure it works much better, and the original is (IIRC) round, so I'm not sure about it. The screenshot is below. I also got rid of the shine - it was fiddly to do in GIMP, anyway. On the pillow emboss, I don't know what that equates to in GIMP, so I've not managed to recreate that yet.

Originally Posted by redrob
How well does the Jian model work with two hands on one sword? Otherwise, very nice.
It looks bearable, but not great. I didn't want to distort the handle and put the thing out of proportion in order to get the second hand in, though.

Originally Posted by Quanon View Post
Cool, a update from the greatmaster himself
Hopefully things go smoothly for you know.

No doubt its going to be an awesome story you planned out.
So... looking forward to that!
Thanks! I hope to release it soon, too.

Originally Posted by Gargoyle King View Post
Great to see your still working on this DI, that's real dedication - i can't wait to try out the finished product.
Thanks! I can't wait for you to try the finished product either.

Originally Posted by logan23 View Post
Awesome update!

Keep up the great work!
Thanks, same to you!

It's been a month since the last update, and that's a lot longer than I'd planned, but that seems to be the general theme for the this thread, so it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise ( ).

A month ago, I was dialogue writing, and - guess what - I'm still dialogue writing. It's the one area you can't really rush - or rather, the one area you really shouldn't. Aside from typos and grammatical errors, it's the one thing that is easiest to do badly. Some professionals do it terribly.

Part of the reason that this isn't picked up on is because it's not a technical issue - it's an issue to do with writing, and people don't seem to pick up on writing much. Another part is that even a simple dialogue is deceptive - the amount of work in ensuring even that all the dialogue loops back to itself and contains all the detail requires is far more than the comparative gain.

At the moment, I'm keeping dialogue loops out of Rhen Var, so I've also got to come up with enough variations of the same parts of some conversations to make it worthwhile.

But as rule of thumb when writing dialogue, if you aren't finding it hard, you aren't doing it right. Because writing is - or should be - about constant improvement, and it's really, really unlikely you're that good. You may have heard of the trick that fiction-writers use for dialogue checking whereby they remove the character names and see if they can tell who is speaking. This is definitely something to try when writing dialogue.

I haven't been monomaniacal this past month, though...

As mentioned up-post, I've been playing with the jewel(s) on my Sword of Gith model, as per redrob's suggestions:

I may end up having to model these on, as I'm not entirely convinced, though.

Another thing I've been fiddling with is something I've been thinking about doing for a few years, but never quite bothered with. This started out life following something I saw excerpted from one of the KotOR comics, and thanks to Sharen Thrawn's skybox mod, I've been able to produce:

This isn't without its flaws, though:

This is a bit of an idle piece of work, though, as I can't really see the application of it. But I though it looked cool.

For KotOR 1, I've returned to an old project. The Tatooine Arena's last appearance in this thread (and last serious update!) was back in 2006, as can be seen on page 2, posts 60 & 62 of this thread. It's taken four years for me to get back around to it, but I've finally started doing something about this mod.

As can be seen, there's now a populated 'bar' area, as with swoop races and the Taris duel arena, as well as the actual duelling area. Other than that, work continues - most of the preliminary scripting is down, including the fight scripts, and it's now more a question of ensuring all the custom content goes in, although there's still a few niggling issues with the scripts I want to iron out first, mainly to do with death animations. The project is currently on milestone 3 of 5, and slightly less than halfway toward completion. I won't tempt fate and give a release date.

And I think that's just about everything I've got to report at this stage. Feedback, suggestions, tips, praise, condemnation, criticism, and lightsaber crystals all gratefully accepted.

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