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Woodtick Remixed

I love every song in the MI2SE. However, the main theme for Woodtick always jars with me for two reasons:

1. While iMuse works very fluidly, the song always starts at the very beginning whenever you leave one of the boats. In the original game the song would start somewhere in the middle.

2. The background humming instrument is missing! Having grown up on the Windows Midi (I think, it's whatever the ScummVM default is) versions of the songs, this instrument was always very prominent when playing, and without it the song feels empty to me.

I decided to make an attempt at remedying the second problem by finding the original midi, isolating the missing instrument and mixing it into the Special Edition version of the song. However, I couldn't find the right midi anywhere, all I could find were medleys. So I took an MP3 recording of the MT32 version of the song and added it to the background. (Remix).mp3
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