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Originally Posted by bgbennyboy View Post
2) Use the Microsoft's XACT tool (the tool that was originally used to build and compile the wavebanks) to make a new one. This might be a simpler approach. XACT comes with the free XNA Game Studio. Note that it only accepts wav/aif/aiff music/sounds so any re-recording shouldnt be encoded in a lossy format as you'd have to convert it back to wav again anyway.
Are you sure it doesn't accept compressed WAV files? I didn't try. How does the game use lossy codecs for most of the sounds then? It does use ADPCM for many samples, right?

And I wonder, what do they use Libogg, Libvorbis and Libjpeg for? Their licenses are included in the SE credits, so I assume they are compiled in for some reason.

Originally Posted by bgbennyboy View Post
I'm currently using it to try and rebuild a wavebank though, to see if I can get one that - while not identical - the game will accept.
The bone song sure is worth a try. Mixing the voice acting in, and silence the voice files. That should solve sync problems here for sure.
If you managed to get it working, a patch would be great.

The MT-32 business is a lot more work, of course.
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