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i really hated the costumes in the first one :l i ended up wearing his assassins creed outfit, the good ending outfit or the sith robe. What was up with kento's robe? that thing was ugly as hell. Also my vote is with Prime. I'd rather have one outfit the whole way through and have optional dual wield/normal wielding style/maybe double bladed saber. in Force Unleashed 3 there HAS to be 3 sets of combos for three styles (single/dual wield/lightstaff)
and you have to be allowed to carry it normally >.<

(i mean seriously anyone zoomed in on him when standing still? the blade is rubbing his entire arm. Also sometimes when he ignites he ahs to turn around to check the blade isnt cutting him in half. Why are you going through the hassle Galen? stop holding it like a spastic!)
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