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I know it makes me shallow, and I'm not saying the game will suck, but damn I hate the idea of having to use two lightsabers. I've always thought of it as a gimmick, and having two lightsabers held backwards just feels that much worse. When I see videos it makes me think of a modding mistake were someone has screwed up the saber placement...

You can start your
nope, all your getting is love cuz that is exactly how i feel about it. I don't mind having two sabers though, but as you said literaly for a gimmick to spice up gameplay after my 6th play through. BUT WHY ARE YOU HOLDING THEM BACKWARDS?!?!?!?! it makes no practical sense it just means your not putting the full force of your arm into every swing, and now when he runs it just looks ridiculous with his sabers flopping around his back
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