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Ignore the Westboro idiots, please. I used to live in Topeka where they're based. The 'pastor' has been defrocked by the Baptist church and kicked out, and he's a giant nut. There are about 4 large families in the church, and all they do is run around trolling about how 'God hates fags' and picket at the funerals of soldiers they even suspect are gay. It's horrendous what they do. They are absolutely unreasonable even with the most reasoned of arguments. They have chosen their path. They are a tiny group of people who love to make a ton of noise.

His views are not in line with any of the Baptist conventions. Anyone who wishes to know what the Baptist faith is all about can read the tenets of faith and rules and by-laws of major Baptist organizations like the North American Baptist association and the Southern Baptist Convention.

The only reason they haven't had their children taken away from them and put into foster care is because Kansas is too afraid of legal action from them. Half the people there have gotten law degrees, and they sue at the drop of a hat for the most ridiculous reasons. The state finally got the gumption up to disbar Fred Phelps, but his daughter just continues his work.

DON'T visit their site, DON'T even talk to them. They only get more traction with increased attention and site counts. mimartin is right, they absolutely crave attention, and they try to get it any way they can by saying the most outrageous and controversial things they can. This is not a religious issue, it's a psychological and pathological issue with a very small group of very disturbed individuals. It has absolutely nothing to do with Islam, Christianity, or any other flavor of religion and everything to do with their group narcissism.

The best thing you can possibly do is ignore them.

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