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Originally Posted by LogicDeLuxe View Post
I don't think those are related to the patch. Is there even a difference at Stan's?
In the woodshop, were someone talking by any chance? I noticed, the engine waits for voice playback to be finished before loading the next room, which is generally a good idea, but can be irritating at times.
Maybe it's just general bugs but I only experienced them during the easy mode playthrough. With the woodshop I clicked on the doorway and Guybrush walked halfway out the doorway and just froze (no dialogue was playing either). At first I thought it had glitched since there wasn't any visible animation on screen. But if I clicked on the doorway another time, it instantly switched to Woodtick hub. That happened every time I visited the woodshop too. I think I experienced a similar bug when going to Woodtick via the Scabb map.

With Stan I got a rather major bug. I think it was during the scene he gave me the handkerchief while I was closing the lid of the coffin. And suddenly he was standing for a few seconds without animating and with no face. But that was fixed after 1-2 seconds.

So well, I dunno how easy mode works. Does it have its own script files compared to hard mode, or only small changes (ie, "if this is easy mode, remove this item")? If it's the latter, I guess I just stumbled on general bugs.

Originally Posted by TheJoe View Post
I've talked with silverwolfpet at Telltale about an MT-32. Unfortunately, he doesn't have one. But he tells me he'll get in contact with someone who might do.

So now we just need to know how to repack and .xwb and we may have MT-32 music on the way.
I've got a Roland LAPC1 card in a computer stashed away somewhere. I haven't used it in a few years but it should work fine. Maybe I could help somehow.
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