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Originally Posted by SKA-T View Post
Also I'm pretty sure that the matching cue file is what the game engine points to in order to play any sounds. If I'm understanding it correctly. The cue's point to sounds in the wave bank, and after comparing the order in which the speech files were ripped out and then the order of the file name list in the SpeechCues file they are not sequential. Haven't quite figured out yet how to get from the sound bank file (the cue file) to the wave bank file to match everything up. Without doing it by listening to every single file.
Looking at it now, XACT doesn't let you change the order of files in an wavebank or soundbank - its just alphabetical. So I agree, its as you say, its the soundbank cue's that are the problem. In the one that's shipped with the game the cue's are named "track100" etc and then the cue's are mapped to the names in the wavebank. We could fix this by just replacing the soundbank too, but its that mapping we need to get right first.

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