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Garren Shain wondered what would happen if the words "um" and "uh" were suddenly removed from foreman Link Tarack's vocabulary. Garren suspected that Link wouldn't have very much of a vocabulary LEFT with which to work!

"Um, uh, disposal procedures? We usually let our droids handle that, but as, uh, ostanovium is, um, a metal, we, uh, haven't been exactly sure what to, um, do in these incendiary circumstances." Link scratched his head. Did "incendiary" mean "out of the ordinary" or "able to light things on fire"? At the moment, he couldn't remember. Come to think of it, Link himself couldn't remember a lot of things lately. He was only fifty-five years old, too. Sure, your memory wasn't what it was at the age of twenty, but then again...

Was he experiencing early signs of dementia? Link suddenly grew scared.

"Look," he sighed. "I'm just a shift foreman here. If you really want to talk to someone who's in charge of metals disposal, talk to the guy in the hazardous materials biosuit over there." Link jerked his thumb over toward the said personage. "Rodian. Name's Targee Ghut. He'd know about that stuff you're talking about. Osta-whatchamacallit. Good luck with everything, sir..."
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