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Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
Given the level of technical advancement in the Star Wars univierse, personally I'd assume that a Nuclear Weapon would not be effective against the Executor or other Star Wars ships considering that in Universe by the time of the Films they had been space travelling for 20,000 standard years, they are well beyond our own current technical advancement. All that is to say, it would be my opinion in Universe that a nuclear weapon would be about as effective as throwing a rock at a tank....
Actually, atomic weapons do have an effect on large capital ships in Star Wars, even shielded ones, though they usually have to be employed in salvo's.

Against a Star Dreadnought type ship any spread of less than a couple hundred warheads likely would only be an irritant. Toss a few thousand and you can do some serious damage.

Though the amount of fire you would be taking to get your fleet of missile cruisers into broadside with the SD would maybe give you one salvo/shot before the cruisers would be battered apart by the Star Dreadnoughts armaments.

Just my on Nukes in Star Wars.

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