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Originally Posted by captmorgan72 View Post
I keep hearing it everywhere about how Vader is a broken shell of his former self due to his cybernetics. If that's true then Starkiller (darkside ending) should be reduced to an apprentice level. He's more machine now than Vader ever was.

I don't buy it though. I believe that the connection to the force lies in the spirit and not the body. As long as some of the body remains (nervous system,brain) that will still allow that person to be who they are, their spirit will remain with their vessel and their ability to use the force remains the same.

I believe that Vader was always at the cross roads of dark side and light side and never came into his full dark side potential. Palpatine sensed this and declared him a broken shell.
Your connection to the force is primarily due to your 'midichlorian count.' i would expect that having less living tissue would remove huge amounts of these. Midichlorians are physical and not spiritual and so in that sense you're wrong, the force is connected to each person physically.
Palpatine called him a 'broken shell' not because he was at a crossroads, but because he would never be able to produce force lightening, and would never be capable of his full potential due to his disabilities.
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