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Revans way better than obi-wan

Originally Posted by Hawkstrong16 View Post
Either 2 or 3. Because Obi-Wan is a master swordsmen but then Revan is also a good swordsmen.

However Obi-Wan is older and has more experience. So in the end he would beat Revan.

Besides all the facts that prove Obi-Wan is a better swordsmen.....He is just a whole hell of a lot cooler!
ALL of that makes no sense at all. Revan mastered both lightside and darkside of the force since he was a sith lord and brought the republic to the brink of destruction only to save it later. Also how could obi-wan possibly be older than revan!!!!!???????? Revan was alive thousands of years before obi-wan and may have still been alive at the time (he was in the force unleashed) so he had way more experience and he also defeated the mandalorians which if you put in the same room with obi-wan, i doubt he would live more than 5 minutes considering in one of the episodes of the show, he would have died without help. Also where did you get that obi-wan is the greatest swordsman ever thats just your opinion. That and Revan was the greatest duelist on Taris even before he had his force powers returned to him so that would make him a lot better than obi-wan. Also if you read the books, Darth bane used a thought bomb force ritual that revan created to destroy the brotherhood of shadow and some jedi in order to cleanse it and remake it following the rule of two. And have you seen the way revan dresses at all!!!!!!! He is way cooler than obi-wan

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