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Well, Mace windu is better than obi wan with a lightsaber... more experience... hmmm the experience don't come from the age, but from the "experiences", and Revan was a jedi during a time of war, he became general, beat the mandalorians, killing some of the greatest duelist of the time (Mandalore the Ultimate, Yusanis, Malak later), after this he was on the jedi civil war, which means many battles between force users, so a good training into lightsaber duels.

He mastered the light and dark side of the force, learned ancient sith powers, like kreia said "it was like stare at the heart of the force", so i'm not claiming Revan would win, but he have all his chances, but well it's impossible to say clearly who would win, for example obi wan has beaten Darth Maul, but Dath Maul was better during the fight, etc... so the battles never end exactly the same, so Revan could win once, and obi wan the other fight, etc... but if we have to choose one who would have more chances to win I would say revan. For me it would be like comparing one of the greatest samurais, against a kendoka of our time, who might be very good, but can't really be compared against a true samurai, at times of war etc...

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