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Originally Posted by RedHawke View Post
Actually, atomic weapons do have an effect on large capital ships in Star Wars, even shielded ones, though they usually have to be employed in salvo's.

Against a Star Dreadnought type ship any spread of less than a couple hundred warheads likely would only be an irritant. Toss a few thousand and you can do some serious damage.

Though the amount of fire you would be taking to get your fleet of missile cruisers into broadside with the SD would maybe give you one salvo/shot before the cruisers would be battered apart by the Star Dreadnoughts armaments.

Just my on Nukes in Star Wars.
I was more meaning our current Nuclear devices rather than any in universe Nuclear devices; obviously given technological advancements the yield of nuclear devices in the SW universe would be substantially higher than anything we have. Though given the obvious side effects of nuclear weapons you'd of thought unless you wanted to obliterate an entire planet permanently that they would only be used in space...

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