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Attached is the XACT project file for MusicNew. It contains the correct compression preset and has the music in the correct order. When you go to compile the project it'll ask you where to find the wav's and you can then point it to the correct location on your computer.

You only need to replace the wavebank (.xwb) - leave the soundbank alone - it contains additional settings and cues that arent in the one generated by my project file. If it doesn't work, you may need to hex edit MusicNew.xwb and change the version information in the file so that it matches the xact version expected by the game. To do this, change the dword at offset 4 to 46 and the dword at offset 8 to 44.


I could produce a similar project file for MusicOriginal.wxb to let people replace the music from the old version but right now I'm not going to. While this does work and would let people edit the music there are problems:
  1. Doing this could potentially lead to a loss of fidelity in the music. For this process to work you have to use my tool to decode the music from the original wavebank. This converts it from MS-ADPCM back to a normal PCM wave. When you then put this in XACT and it compiles the wavebank it then converts it back to MS-ADPCM. As far as I know ADPCM is a lossy format so there's potentially some loss of quality. Personally I cant tell the difference between the two but I'm sure someone somewhere will claim they can.
  2. Its not practical (and a bit dubious) to distribute an entire wavebank. MusicNew is 365mb and because the audio has been re-encoded the contents of the file are mostly different to the original wavebank. This means that distributing a patch file is pointless - it'd be nearly as big as the wavebank itself.

The best solution then would be for someone to make a tool that would just patch the wavebank - keeping all the data intact, but replacing the data in one track and adjusting the offsets to match. This would mean that the quality of the source music would remain unchanged and a patch to legally inject the new music would be a much more practical possibility. If people are genuinely interested in editing the music then we can discuss this in this thread and I'll help come up with a solution. I've been burned before though with projects like this and creating tools that no-one uses.
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