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"Rather unhealthy?" Perdante asked Sal with a wry upturn of her full lips. "I think my liver will be slightly poisoned today, if not substantially." She sighed and shook her head. "No. I won't get completely loaded. That would make the Captain hate me even more than she already does, at least for now. She doesn't need any drunk Jedi aboard her ship, or quasi-Jedi."

Taking another sip of her juma juice, she continued, "I shouldn't have ignited my sabers. That was wrong, more wrong than wrong ever was. However, am I not really a Jedi after all? I said I'd stand down if the Captain promised not to harm Visas Marr. I wasn't planning on the mutiny she assumed I was planning," Perdante said disgustedly, "and neither was my mentor, Juhani. Visas? She wasn't intending on taking over the ship, either. Seriously!"

She downed the rest of her shot in one gulp. "What say you, Sal? Hmm?"
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