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"Ooh, that metal," replied Targhee Ghut. "Ostanovium bad-bad. We dispose of it here. Flush it down through these pipes." Targhee gestured to a labyrinthine array of ductwork. "Step one: Melt it down. Step two: Mix with water. Step three: Flush through pipes. That what big-big politician say to do." Targhee shrugged. "I do not know how much she knows about metal, but I think this is stupid way to get rid of bad-bad stuff. Still, she pays us..."


Perdante's head suddenly swiveled around. "You were trying to flirt with Visas Marr?" The young Jedi stifled a giggle. "And here I thought you were simply offering her a place to hide from the Captain and her security droids! Interesting..." She drummed her fingers on the counter. "Oh, and about Juhani? She didn't exactly like me when she first met me. Granted, I was a Sith Initiate at the time who was trying to duel her to the death! Fractured my tibia, she did, and after that I wasn't much for winning our epic battle."
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