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Originally Posted by Blix View Post
My only question is if this movie really sucks as bad as people say then how did M. Night have to pay the various magazine and newspaper companies to say it was good?
Depends on exactly what the magazines, newspapers, and such say about it. With some movies,(like those that are obviously for kids, no matter what message one can get from it), they will praise it like it had great Voice Acting/Actors(Actresses too), well done scenes, and a script that no one can find anything wrong with. But for movies that try to be serious, for about 95% of it, has a mature theme(even if has little or nothing to do with sex), and most of all has a dark, gritty theme - they act like its what no one wanted to see, and nothing about it is even worth paying money for - even though it might make a sizable amount of money, gain a large fan-base, and possibly get a sequel.

From what I've seen, I wanted to see this before I saw the trailer. Don't think I'll worry myself about seeing it in theaters though.

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