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to be blunt, the Executor would chew up and spit out the Hammerheads, and all the other capital ships the Sith and Republic forces have to offer; even the Star Forge would tremble beneath the SuperLaser. In short: it would be the beat down of all beat downs. Something in the vein of the scene in Family Guy Presents: Something Something Something Darkside, when, after Dak says he feels like he can take on the whole empire himself, he attempts to, and is swatted out of the sky like a cat catching a bird. not even an irritant. more like a minor inconvenience. Even while the Star Forge is not a ship, it is part of the KoTOR Era, and hence, in my opinion, includable in this. it would create a huge fleet, but it would be subsequently rammed into oblivion by the executor. the fleet would then proceed to be picked off, probably 5-10 ships at a time. boom. boom. boom. no contest. Vader would be pleased.

Addendum: perhaps, if The Sith and Republic set aside their differences (HAHAHA), they would be able to put a dent in it; but the Star Forge would need to be working at nearly 400% of projected capacity, churnning out ships until the minute it was obliterated by the Executor.

As far as the technolgy debate, if you look at the technology of Star Wars, it gets less complex as time goes on. What? Yes. A giant sphere with a glaring flaw? that is certainly less advanced than an automated army made of battle droids. A Twin-Ion-Engine Fighter that is used as cannon fodder? The Vulture Droids would smoke them. While it is fair to say that the decline in technology is because the prequels were made last, AND the source of cloaking devices were all but gone, it is equally fair to say that their inability to adapt and create cloaking devices out of new sources is, at least somewhat, a sign of the loss of advancements. Going back 4000 years now, the Ebon Hawk would likely fair at least decently in a race with the Millenium Falcon; mostly because Han wouldn't be able to keep that bucket in working order enough and they'd fall behind.

but back to the original point:

not a chance. the executor and the other SSDs are virtually invincible by the standards of The start of Episode I-The End of Episode VI; by KotOR's standards, it would be absolutley invincible

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