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Originally Posted by TheJoe View Post
Anyone got any ideas on that? I'm really unsure how music fading works in the SE.
I'm been working with the music files in the remake in order to piece together a soundtrack, and I'm fairly certain there's no fading going on. The imuse seems to be working in different ways. Some examples...

-In Woodtick each area has about 18 different outros which leads to the main Woodtick theme. I'll wait until it's in place for one of those outros, then switch to that and start playing the Woodtick main theme about halfway through it. Oddly enough, I don't see the Woodtick main theme having any more than 2 transitions, which are super short. I'm certain other areas in the game do similar transitions, although no area is as complex as Woodtick when it comes to amount of transitions.

-Scene where you argue with Elaine has one main theme, with a ton of short snippets of music (about 1-3 seconds each) which will play depending on whether you choose wrong or right lines.

-Cemetary music has 2 themes (main theme and the theme in crypt), they're completely in sync and it'll simply switch instantly to the other as you move between the areas. I think some other areas do the same thing, like the music in the booty town.

-Music for the Voodoo Lady is split up into different parts. Depending on where you are, it'll either play one or two of those parts, or all at the same time. It also has short snippets of music it can play.

I'm guessing the original music in MI2 has a very similar system so if we can record the midi files within the data files, that should hopefully be easy to line up. Woodtick would probably be the biggest challenge though.
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