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Originally Posted by Ping View Post
Quite frankly, whoever raised him did a pretty piss-poor job at it.
That would be the mother who reportedly said that she was proud of her son for flying a plane (conveniently forgetting the fact he stole it, of course), and that he 'needs to practice his landings'.

She also said this -

Harris-Moore's mother, who lives in rural Camano Island, north of Seattle, where the barefoot bandit committed his first burglaries, had expressed a hope that her son would escape to a country without an extradition treaty with the US. The proud mother last year said: "He's smart. He took an IQ test a few years ago and he's three points below Einstein."
I guess that makes it ok, then.

While his exploits are no doubt impressive, I hope he's now taught that his actions have consequences, and that the 72,000 morons who are his Facebook fans realise that too.
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