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Originally Posted by Tzar Sectus View Post
I'm been working with the music files in the remake in order to piece together a soundtrack, and I'm fairly certain there's no fading going on.
There should, though. For instance, entering and leaving Largo's room changes to a different main melody while continuing the background. The original game fades them over. The SE could just do the same, but they cut to the other version instantly for some reason. So they do in any other places which are supposed to have fades. iMuse digital, while in fact different and slightly limited, is no excuse here, as we have wonderful examples of working fades in CMI and EMI.
-Cemetary music has 2 themes (main theme and the theme in crypt)
There are more then two: Main area, tombstones, the crypt and Rapp's coffin, which are supposed to fade over. There are additional cues for Rapp's transformations. And a transition when digging out the bone.
-Music for the Voodoo Lady is split up into different parts. Depending on where you are, it'll either play one or two of those parts, or all at the same time.
I wonder, why they decided to mix them in real time instead of fade to each other. It increases the load with no gain. In fact, it even seems bugged, as I got them playing out of sync at least two times.
It also has short snippets of music it can play.
While those are all there, this part seems bugged too. I never got them actually playing in the game when they should.
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