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Steam vs Direct2Drive?

So, to my undying shame, I haven't yet purchased MI2SE. I've been doing an unpaid internship for the last 5+ weeks and when it was released I was forced to make the choice between purchasing the game or living. Now that money isn't so tight, I'm going to download it, but as it was just released on D2D I thought I would ask Mojo which one it prefers.

I've downloaded FOA, Loom, the Dig, and SMI SE all through steam (as well as Oblivion) and I haven't had any problems. The achievements look pretty cool. But I've heard some people raise the question of not getting a physical game file (which i would like very much, especially since I seem to have a laptop curse lately)

My question is, is there any justification for getting the Direct 2 Drive version?
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