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Oye, the race card again?

First off, anime is actually a hybridity of Western and Eastern techniques and cultures. Historically it started gaining momentum as early as the 1930s in Japan and then spread westward more in the 1960s. A more memorable 60s anime was Speed Racer, which was made into life action film in the 2000s. Much of the the storyboarding is based with Japanese influence and the technologies employed are American in modern anime. Some series have their origins in manga and brought to life in anime like Bleach.

I think true Japanese anime has a more mature theme to it and no problems in terms of language use especially when the originals are dubbed in English for American viewers.

I actually saw The Last Airbender and while I am not a devotee follower of the series, I thought the story was well put together in trying to squeeze a season's worth into one film. I saw no problems with the fact that the majority of the Fire Nation royals looked like they were from India. Heck the one who played the uncle of the prince was a guy I saw portrayed as an Arab so big deal. Frankly the race card is overplayed and overworked and lately seems to do nothing but make people angry over the fact that it is used to nitpick.

Granted that I agree that there may be some money influences in there but so what. The people raising up flags on this are on par with the conspiracy theorists in my opinion. A tiring thing this is truly.

True Avery: I agree that there are some things that are shown in today's media that really have influenced thinking in how certain groups are portrayed. The Barbie Test videos I have heard of and I am not surprised. Frankly we have been conditioned to think that lighter color is prettier.

The video games are another and I agree but you can't blame it entirely on the game. People are people and they have impulses, whether they choose to act on them or not is up to them.

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