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Face Recognition Fun

Hey hey hey

I saw dis awesome website making rounds once again, then decided to use it as it was not intended to be used! Join me in my adventure!

(You'll have to register. Better use those pron e-mails I know you all have.)

Here are some fun results I got:
Show spoiler

My Favorite:

A few pointers:
  • No, it does not recognize almost any animated faces. This should be obvious, you fool. (Although I did get a few)
  • Try to find the most relaxed version of a face you can, and also get it from multiple angles since the results can skew, I find, based on this.
  • Most of the fictional stuff you plug in isn't going to work... but that just makes it funnier.
  • The Collage image URL will be at the bottom of "Other"
  • Chances are good Johnny Depp matches everything

(Last time this topic was posted was in 2006, but it seems to be popping up around again so... yeah)

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