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Yes... the "race card" and the "sexist card"... This is what I was mentioning earlier as a denial of an issue, as if all around the world people of all creeds and backgrounds, male, female and unicorns are holding hands in a big circle where there are no issues and we have no need to talk about it... why? Because we've talked about it too much. Put up or shut up, stop whining about it and accept how things are.

And yeah, I'm the first one to tell you all of that political correctness bull**** is... well, bull****. But this isn't about race as much as it is about sticking as closely to the source material and intent as possible and how the production of the live-action Airbender movie spat all over that.

At the same time... I am kind of sick of seeing nothing but white people in advertising on TV. I mean, when I go outside and spend a minute looking at a busy intersection where a lot of people are crossing the road in Melbourne... it's a very mixed array of peoples of many different cultures... but TV advertising would have me believe that every bastard down here is Caucasian with no "ethnic folk" to be seen... I don't like that kind of media bias... and no one should accept it as being just the way it is.

As for anime... its origins aren't as simple as what you just stated. |

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