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Knowing how to read solves x_x. Thank you
Btw would be pretty awesome if one could find all the fixes in the first post

But here is the way i fixed it:

I simply didn't want to play whole NarShaddaa again.
1) Wait till the (first) Trigger of the Red Ecplise comes up.
2) Make sure you do every Quest before doing this
3) Start KSE and finish the Quest (Landingrights (?) would be the translation 1:1 from german)
4) When you load the Savegame you should get the Sequence with Atton who tells you that you should come to the JekkJekkTar
5) After you completed whole NarShaddaa go back to the ship and defeat the Captain (he is still there although you finished the quest with KSE)
6) The ship resets, all NPCs loaded etc.
7) Now simply don't go further than the middle of Narshaddaa (to show Mira the Force) otherwise the trigger will hit again

Hope that this helps them who don't want to play NarShadaa again.


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