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The janitor nearby, clad in a nondescript black suit that covered his whole body, heard Miracle Metals' newest visitor shout his REAL name: "Garren Shain"! That signaled the custodian-cum-assassin that his time was nigh. He removed a silenced blaster pistol from his belt, aimed, and shot.

Senator Skelch doesn't like visitors here, he thought. Especially nosy ones. He heard the Rodian squeal and dive for cover. Good. Idiot.

Had anybody seen him? No--the workers in the plant were too busy slaving away over their welding torches and soldering irons. They hadn't heard or sensed the shot, which was natural because his blaster had been silenced.

He did not see Garren Shain fall, so he walked over to investigate the spot where the body was supposed to be. He kept his blaster aimed and ready...


Perdante suddenly doubled over in excruciating pain. Her mentor's anger was absolutely roaring through the Force, slicing like a blade through the relative tranquility on the ship. She gritted her teeth to keep from screaming aloud.

"Excuse me," she said once the agony had subsided. "I think I need a little less alcohol and a little more inner peace in my body. Farewell!" With a wink that was halfway between sly and pained, she departed for Juhani's quarters.
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