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Star Wars TOR: Love's Perilous Exchange (3 OTHERS NEEDED!)


Four thousand years before the rise of the first Galactic Empire, another insidious Sith Lord paves the way--and provides a dire warning--for the Jedi of the Old Republic. Since Jedi are forbidden to love, what more perfect way to disrupt the Order's code and world than to pinpoint two forbidden lovers in evil's cross-hair sights? Lovely Jedi Knight PERDRE YAKHTA fears for her secret partner's safety--and life--due to a deadly and incurable disease that will overcome even true love if it is not quickly eradicated.

The Sith say they can help, but at what price? Will Perdre lose everything--including both her lover and herself--to the Dark Side of the Force?

OTHER CHARACTERS NEEDED: Sith Lord, Perdre's Master, and Perdre's Lover

NAME: Perdre Yakhta
AGE: 25
GENDER: Female
RACE: (Boring Old) Human
RANK: Jedi Knight

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