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Hey, I'm having TSLRCM problems with the cutscene at the beginning of Malachor V. Here's a basic run down of what happens:

1) Kreia/Sion cutscene in Trayus Core starts.
2) When Kriea starts talking about Sion failing to learn the lesson, the screen goes black.
3) After Sion asks why Kriea came back, the cutscene with the Hawk crashing plays.
4) After the cutscene, it goes back to black and Kriea finishes her lines from the Trayus Core scene.
5) The screen stays black for a second, then my cursor pops up.

I tried saving at this time and found that it's leaving my character in the Trayus Core cutscene module instead of sending me to Malachor's surface.

Any way to fix this?

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