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Originally Posted by paprik123456 View Post
Hi Guys, I love what you do and what some of you also did on MI1:SE... its really interesting and cool watch how you can get into the games.. ok, so I have got some request for ya again :O)

I am used to repaint art from old games and put them back into the game so it looks better, what about some hack for MI2:SE BGs? I got the one you made for Mi1:SE and works great, but I am missing one for MI2:SE.

Could somebody make utility which will export all art out and also could be able to import them back into the game?


any detailed "HOW" explanation could be cool.
Monkey Explorer will let you view .dxt files solely, those are the textures. Export them as PNG, make what edits you want. As for converting those PNGs back into dxt, I'm not entirely sure. That's not my department. But MI2:SE works without monkey2.pak in the same way that MISE does, so it's a simple matter of replacing dxt's with modified ones.
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