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Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
That's not true at all. AP has a tree the same as any other RPG with selectable dialogue. The main difference is that its branches are all uni-directional and there's a time limit.
Sorry, I meant "trees" in the way of a looping, branched dialogue line. For example: [Let me ask you a question... Tell me about radscorpions].
Other than that there's little difference with Mass Effect or any number of other RPGs - i.e. for the most part choice is just an illusion and you end up either funnelled into a single or, at best, a binary outcome.
What do you mean, exactly? Do you mean that every choice is aggregated and exclusive to its own branch that is unaffected by other choices?
Originally Posted by True_Avery
Just to frame things, what is your feeling on, say, the Half-life games?

You never speak and let everyone else do the speaking for you. Its a scripted sequence, but it doesn't entirely pull you out of the game. While it does sometimes lock you in a room and creates a sort of false sense of freedom, it seems to stand rather unique in its story telling method... although it isn't an RPG.
I don't consider Half-Life to be overly cinematic, since the entire setting puts you directly in the first person, trappings and all. The game wants you to experience every moment through a specific lens, and although the scripted sequences do put the sim in "pseudo-cutscene mode", it doesn't always constrain the player's inherent control over the player, i.e. you can still move around, jump up and down, etc.

It's a form of "cinematic" gameplay, but it's more for easy immersion and exposition. Take Half-Life 2, when in the beginning, you're literally forced to follow a specific route to advance the story. However, the game doesn't take control away from the player; you can freely run around the train station, throwing luggage at guards. The game "corrals" the player, rather than directly controlling him. That being said, it can become consequently frustrating when you're limited by space, but still free to move the camera, like in the teleporter sequence.
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