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*Garik, Corzip and Darkforse reaches the back of the bar to find Kell laying there. He is laying in blood.*

Wraith 5??!!! WRAITH 5!!!!

*They all run to the body of kell... wraith 5. only to find him with a big hole in his chest.*

Oh my god..... what happened here??? who did this??

*Corzip looks around. he lets his sences flow around him.*

I can only detect some Dark things around here.... we must be carefull. we must get out of here right now!

*Darkforse picks up Wraith 5. together with Garik they take him to the back room of the bar. Corzip Uses the force to clean up the trace of blood laying around.*

Shouldnt we call medics here??!!

That isnt a good idea. By th way... i hate to say this pall. But he is dead. we cant help him anymore. we must get him somewhere so we can bury him or something like that.

You 2 do that and ill look for the assasin. i can still feel some thing of him. Ill catch up with you later.

OK be care full hah. You want Darkforse's lightsaber too? you can use them both!

No. take it with you... you might need it. ill see you later.
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