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Originally Posted by Redeemed Jedi View Post
Site update. Entry recording 77 states that Vader has given evacuation orders for the return of subject 1138.
I remember hearing that too in the site update & wondering if in the game we are subject 1138 galen the original, who will be chased by subject 1157 if you look at the betrayal trailer, an maybe Galen will face this clone on Dagobah which he will have to kill, or maybe a twist to it, even if in the game we will be 1157, when reachin dagobah, it will show defeat scene between the 2 Galens, 1 the original the other the clone, an the Original Survives the Cave Confrontation, an Pretends to Portray Subject 1157.
well we will soon find out when the game hits our consoles, an it will be interestin to read the canon of the books when they come out.

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