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Originally Posted by mark2000 View Post
I managed to encounter a few problems in Dantooine as well as a question about Kaevee:

- When finding the atmospheric sensors for the related quest, the subject about the hidden surveillance device normally triggers through high enough level of repair/awareness skill when bao-dur isn't around. This trigger never happened to me and instead immediately giving me the sensors.
Had this happen once also in an un-modded game(no triggers worked for some areas) only fix was to re-load an earlier save and then they worked. Just one of those weird issues with TSL I guess.

Originally Posted by mark2000 View Post
- I already rescued Jorran before getting the Thief Catching quest. When talking to him at his camp, any dialogue option about either a thief or the vaporators do not show up.
Jorran is no longer tied in to the theif quest .So he no longer has that optional dialog.

Originally Posted by mark2000 View Post
- - Similar to Jorran, I've already spoken with Kaevee before I triggered the Thief Catching quest and she already left the ruins after the discussion. Is there a place where I can find her again?
No she is gone now,that is something we can add to a future patch/fix though(not being able to open the quest after speaking with her),but there is a script in place that should close out the quest by the time you leave Dantooine.(so it shouldn't be an open quest in the jrnl).
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