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Dominic frowned faintly, attempting to look confused as he glanced at the holonet feed that was running on a screen just over her shoulder. "Is that...possible?" he asked, the lie much easier to pull off now that he was casually not looking at her. There was a good chance she already knew he was part of the Found...but if she didn't, he wasn't going to give her any hints. "To be cut off by the Force, I mean. I know the Jedi masters can do it to those they exile, but...I always thought that that was a Force technique. How is there a natural substance that can destroy the Force?"

He lifted his glass to his lips and took another drink before looking back down at her. After a moment of silence, he said, "...where did you get this information from?"

- - - - - - - - - -

As the lightsaber whipped around, cutting a humming arc through the air, the smooth movement came to an abrupt halt with a hiss. When Perdante turned, it was Salvatore standing there with a vibroblade in hand, its mesh groaning against the beam of the lightsaber. He disengaged with a sharp twist of his wrist and stepped back, squaring off against her from across the sparring mat.

"Jedi Apprentice Perdante." he said, falling into a fighting stance. "I hope you don't mind me joining in."

- - - - - - - - - -

"Visas Marr."

At first, it might have seemed as though Captain Starr was merely addressing the woman who was still sitting in the cell, but as she drew closer, it became apparent that she was reading from the datapad in front of her nose. The thumb of her free hand was hooked into her belt, her palm resting lightly over the top of her blaster.

"Known companion of the Jedi Exile, former apprentice to the renegade Jedi known as Nihilus, and subsequent agent of defeat thereof. Received several Jedi and Republic commendations for her participation in his defeat; disappeared from record shortly thereafter."

She looked up then, dropping her hand back to her side as her eyes fell on the woman sitting on the room's cot. "Just for future reference, Miss Marr," she said as she signed to the attending guard. The force field caging her in hummed, flickered, and then powered out. "It would be nice if you asked permission before coming aboard my ship." The words sounded serious, but there was a small smile on Captain Farr's lips. She was...joking?
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