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"Yeah, I'll just pretend that I understood what all of that meant." he said with a little smirk, and then stepped forward. He was the first to strike, throwing a swipe at her head that was quickly deflected. The only formal melee training Salvatore had received was at the hands of his boot camp sergeant, and so he didn't expect to win against a Jedi - but he could, perhaps, hold his own.

Her saber emitted another hiss as his sword caught it again. "She's really not all that bad. She's just pissed cause...well. You hurt her." It wasn't like he'd only just met the captain; they'd been working together for long enough now that both he and his brother could figure out what was going on in dear old Fara's head. "She really liked you, and you went and pulled your blades on her. But you don't have to worry; she's dealt with worse before.

"Although...if you really wanted her to shove you off on Nar Shaddaa..." Their weapons locked so abruptly that the only explanation was that he had done it on purpose. His vibroblade had caught the center of both of her blades in a cross, locking them in close proximity to each other. He was smirking at her through the web of sword, his eyes flashing devilishly. "All you'd have to do is sleep with me."
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