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Originally Posted by gasgallery View Post
I also can't seem to make Visas make her own lightsaber
Well what I did for that one was I used the globalcat.2da from the backup folder of the TSLRCM_USM compatibility patch and that fixed my problem with Bao-dur. I then used the visasmarr.dlg from the update #1 in the first post of this thread and that fixed Visas Marr for me.

I haven't checked with my other companions though since I'm not that far into the game yet.

Edit: I seem to have some trouble with talking Mira into making her lightsaber. The dialogue simply cuts off after she says something like "all I need is my rocket launcher.." and no lightsaber is made but when I talk to her again, the game assumes that she already made her first saber and I can only ask her to make a second one.

I'm doing this while inside the Ebon Hawk by the way.

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