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Zen looked around the room as he felt something in his head. He had sworn he heard someone screaming in rage but he couldn't see anyone. Zen suddenly heard footsteps rapidly approaching. He quickly activated his armor's camo and stepped into the shadows. He watched as the captain walked up to Visas's cell with a datapad in her hand. He tensed up a bit as he listened to Captain Starr speak to Visas. He relaxed a bit as the guard opened the cell and the Captain had welcomed Visas. With his personal goal complete he left the prison cells and headed back towards the dormitories. He was looking for Juhani in order to tell her of the good news. Upon arriving at Juhani's personal room her fixing her room with the force.

"Jedi Knight Juhani, I bring you good news. Your com...Our comrade Visas will be joining us on our mission. You will also be glad to know she was not harmed while she was in her cell."
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