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"The same could be said of sex, you know." He was smirking cheekily at her as he let her go. Most of the women on board the Millennial had grown wise to his tricks a long time ago; needless to say, it was nice to have fresh blood to play with. That she was a Jedi was just a bonus - their reputation for stoicism made her blush that much sweeter.

But then again...she was new to this whole 'Jedi' thing, according to her records. Perhaps that was why she was being such a good sport. Or...perhaps it was...

"As you wish," he said, inclining his head slightly before falling into a fighting stance once more, his sword held up and slightly to the side of his body. "Though honestly, I have to wonder. You weren't always a Jedi. Did you have any uh...boyfriends prior to joining?" Or perhaps she was used to enjoying that sort of attention.
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