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"Boyfriends?" Perdante scoffed. "Try 'victims'. You see, the truth is that I was a Sith Initiate before Juhani, my Jedi mentor, turned me back to the Light Side of the Force. Even though the Sith celebrate personal attachments, I never had the chance to fall in love--or even in lust. My fellow Initiates were simply competitors, direct threats to me and my growing power. The other men I was sent to murder, I murdered, feeling very few qualms about doing so. After all, my Sith Master did not tolerate failure. He himself killed the Initiates who failed him."

After parrying several of Salvatore's vibroblade swings, she continued, "My former name--my Sith name--was Gagnante, or winner. I had never lost a fight before I met Juhani, because my life depended upon victory. After Juhani defeated me in a duel and showed me mercy instead of the death I deserved, I took the name Perdante, or the one who has lost. Of course, I don't intend to lose against you." She leapt into a phenomenal combination of aggressive attack moves. How would Salvatore counter them?
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