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Originally Posted by ForceFightWMe12 View Post
His stomach twisted a bit when the name passed her lips because, even though he knew she would eventually mention it - the name of the mineral had been splashed across every headline after the massacre on Coruscant that related to the Found. He could only be thankful that, like she said, no one seemed to understand either one.

"Yeah...I've heard a lot about them." the Pilgrim said, looking up at the news feed again, his head tilted very slightly to the side. "What do you think they actually are? I mean, the different reporters all speculate, but...I don't think anyone actually knows who or what they are. Do they?" He wasn't...lying to her. He himself didn't know the answers to any of these questions.

It wasn't the response she was expecting and subconsciously, she adopted his diversion technique, glancing over his shoulder as she shrugged and shook her head. "I'm beginning to wonder if even the Found know what they are," she said softly. Then she looked straight at him.

"I've managed to arrange a meeting with one of them," she said bluntly, "and that is why I've come to Manaan." She paused to gauge his reaction, then continued with caution. "I'm sorry, Dom. I-I thought it was you. Seemed to fit, what with how we keep bumping into each other. But by your questions, I see I've been mistaken." She smiled faintly. "Wouldn't be the first time."

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