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I had a little time tonight (more I couldn't sleep), and I was looking back at some of the older pics and got inspired.

LiWar (it's a thumbnail )

I see Rinku did some updating on the site. I didn't realize it's been so long since I had last done a real update. From the looks of things, it
was October since any commandos were added to the site.

Link, thanks for the tribute CotM. To everyone else, maybe my official retirement was a little over dramatic, but ccp really needed someone
to take over who had more time to commit to it. With me gone, it gives a little more incentive for someone else to try their hand at it.
I know much of my skill in photoshop (as well as Rinku's if I'm not mistaken) was learned while creating the commandos, not before. A little
trial and error and some tutorial searches go a long way.

PS. I do check back on the site and forum from time to time, and time permitting, I may assist in an update or fill a request.

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