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follow these steps to link your dialog with your modules

1:create an npc

2.edit the .gff file for the npc that you have created.

for this tutorial i will be using a jedi male npc. the file jedi_01

4. change the tag and conversation to jedi_01

5. open dlg editor

6. creat a new set of dialog

7. the entry option is for the npc dialog

the reply option is your dialog the entry dialog option,

there is a box labeled speaker (for the speaker) and another for listener (for the listener)

9. but the npc's name into the speaker box: in this case jedim_01

10. save the dialog file in the name of the npc (jedim_01) and put it in your module folder.

11. I would recomend making a backup of your dialog in your dialog editor folder.

12. open your module in kotor tool the file and build the .mod file, then put the .mod file in your module folder in the SW KOTOR II directory (the .mod file is a combined version of your mods files)


ok, for anyone stuck in my situation, i figured out how to give voice overs for ingame dialog, using dlg editor.

1.the voice overs are in your directory you just need the filenames

they should be here in your directory:

Knights of the old republic II/streamvoices/avo

2.then there are a list of generic alien voices in different folders

example: rodman (rodian male angry)

3. pick what voice over that you want

4.then when you are writing your dialog and you want to have the alien voice over, copy the filename of the voice over that you want.

example: _avorodman1 (there are different varients in each folder of the voice)

5.when you have copied the file name that you want past it in the voice over reference box

6.the box i think looks like VO resref ______-put filename here


for any1 who wants to creat their own voice overs for their dialog,

1. record your dialog

2. find the correct directory

Knight of the old republic II/streamvoices

3.put them in this folder

4. when creating your dialog put the filename in the voice over box

5.VO resref ______-put filename here

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