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Originally Posted by sikerler View Post
The link for the complete on rapidshare is not working can someone please fix the link or give me another link? I need it badly, after finishing dantoiine i click any other planet and after the calo nord/malak cutscene ends im on Ebon hawk back room and I cant get out of it there is a button on ground saying cut start, Please help me out
Firstly both these links are working, I just tested them...

If they are not working for you there is either an error with your computer, or you need to contact your ISP.

Originally Posted by sikerler View Post
yes I do, the WSG wide screen 1440x900 mod only, and supersaber and supercape one i think... and cape flowing revan outfit, should I try deinstalling them all or should I reinstall the game entirely?
Originally Posted by Viridian Bandit View Post
Here's what you do. Have a game save before you leave Dantooine (preferably right before you leave) and then deinstall all mods (just make a folder for them and highlight all of them and drag them to the folder)... leave dantooine. Save your game and then reinstall the mods. (highlight them again and drag them back to your override). And that should fix the problem. If not, then you might try reinstalling the game... but I think the mods are conflicting... so doing the uninstall-leave dantooine-reinstall should work. (:
Viridian Bandit is wrong in several of his answers, It would be nigh on impossible for saber or the flowing cape modifications to cause a conflict to cause this crash. However it is decidedly not helpful to not have listed the exact mods you have installed.

That said the mod most likely to be causing an issue is the widescreen mod, which I have found works for some, and causes issues for others and clearing out your Override will not uninstall the widescreen mod which is most likely the problem.

The first thing you could try is to change your graphic settings to be non widescreen mode, if that doesn't work you could try re-patching the game with the widescreen mod so that its back to original settings. The other thing you clould try is disabling in game video's in the the "swkotor.ini" file - you can open this in note pad, scroll down to game options and near the bottom of that list you will find "Disable Movies=0" change that to "Disable Movies=1" and see if that fixes your problem.

If all of the above does not work, then you'll need to reinstall your game, make sure after un-installing the game to make sure that the C:\Program Files\LucasArts\SWKotOR is empty of everything (if not delete anything there) to completely remove the widescreen patch. Then re-install and DON'T install the widescreen patch.

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