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Exclamation Carbonite Modders WWFLI Update 07-18-10

Time for another update!

For all of you non-modders out there, here's a quick looks at the "design" process we use...

(To keep overly plot critical details hidden, I'll place [REDACTED] tags in some of these)

Commander Dimal: [REDACTED DIALOGUE SCENE] Even about 1 or 2 years after the Clone Wars the storm troopers still used Phase II armor, but it was all white.
Hockey: stormie:
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Ulmont: Can you modify it so its the Kashyyyk trooper from TFU? EX:
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Hockey: Nice stormy armor! Mind if I nab it?
Mandalorian Mercenary: Sweet stormie! D'ya think we could..polish up his armor though? I've never seen a dirty stormtrooper
Hooper: Same Here
Ulmont: Yeah, I'm just using the base clone trooper out of convenience, I'll switch over to the Pristine one when it's finished.
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Ulmont: Final Version.
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That's pretty much how we do things. (Only without ommited dialogue, and stretched out over a few threads). And yes, this will make an appearance in-game. Easter Egg? Bonus Level? Multiplayer Armor? Bonus Feature? Stay tuned, you'll find soon. (And by soon, I mean either in another update, or when the game is available for download)

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