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Hello everyone! This is my modding WIPs page (and whatever, whatever).

1. Prison Ship (k1)
You have the option to travel to a high-security Prison Ship, although its dealings are questionable.

2. Republic Cruiser as Ship (k1)
Instead of the Ebon Hawk, you get a hammerhead-class cruiser named the Indomitable as your flagship. And it's legal!

3. Yavin IV (k1)
You have the option to go to Yavin IV. Should you choose, there is plenty of loot to plunder, as well as lots of danger!

4. Reign of Revan (k1)
If you chose the dark path of KOTOR, you became Lord Revan. This mod lets you reign as Revan.

5. The Battle of Dxun (k2)
While on Dxun, you receive a flashback of the Battle of Dxun, a major battle in the Mandalorian Wars. You must fight with old comrades as you relive the horrors of this pyrrhic battle.

6. Recruit Ajunta Pall 2.0 (k1)
An update to my Beta recruitment mod.

7. Recruit Balak V'stok (k2)
You get to recruit Balak V'stok, a runaway Czerka mercenary. After learning of his past, you hear of the Veridan, a powerful crime sindicate, but as unknown as the GenoHaradan. Balak was once one of them, and now he wants to take them down. Join Balak on Nar Shadda as you fight them and their leader, Vakar.

8. Korriban Restoration (k1)
Restores various content on Korriban.

9. LDR's KOTOR Improvement Mod 2.0 (LKIM 2.0) (k1)
An improvement patch to LKIM. This will fix anything I forgot, improve and remove stuff, add stuff, and so on.

10. LDR's Big Skin Pack (k1)

11. A Crashed Republic Cruiser On A Nameless World (k1)
You get to explore the crashed Republic Cruiser on the beach on the Unknown World.

12. Korriban Expansion (k1)
Expands Korriban, includes the Ajunta Pall sidequest (no longer recruitment) and what was in the 'restoration' mod.

13. Katarr (k2)
You get to go to Katarr, and feel first-hand a Wound in the Force.

Before you people start telling me that, that's too many projects, I just want you to know that I've heard it before (ie. Holty, Dak, Kyr'am). Oh yeah, my computer broke and I needed to get a new one, so most of my work was lost. I saved some of it on a disk, but that was when I finished the first module of the prison ship.

Beta Testers:
1.) Ӄhrizby
2.) Zhaboka
3.) Dak Drexl
4.) Slstoev
5.) Fair Strides 2

The funniest thing about this sentence is that by the time you realize it doesn't say anything it's too late to stop reading it.

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