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A mixture of anger, confusion, and sorrow had flooded the Jedi Knight's mind as she sat on her bunk, her head bowed. What had come over her? One moment, she and Salvatore had been sparring in a perfectly appropriate, organized way. The next moment, she had leapt into her attack, and then the kiss...That kiss!

"A Jedi shall not know hatred, nor anger, nor love..." She repeated these tenets to herself, almost whispering, but they rang hollow in her ears. What did the Jedi know about sudden passion, about finding a person you "clicked" with, about experiencing emotion instead of always denying and repressing it? It wasn't fair. Part of her knew that Juhani was right and that her actions would only lead to folly. Still, she wished someone understood, and would not judge her.

Perdante could not hold back her tears any longer, and so she wept softly.
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